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Crystals have been used for thousands of years, long before what is called the New Age.

When you hold a crystal, meditate with it, or simply place them in areas around your home. You continue with practices which are as old as mankind itself.

The term crystal (originally referring to clear quartz), comes from the ancient Greek word Krustallos meaning frozen water. ancient Greek mountain climbers first came upon it hidden in caves near their sacred mountains, and believed it to be water, frozen forever in time by the Gods!

Crystals are living breathing objects that vibrate at a much higher frequency to ourselves. Which is why when we connect to these beautiful objects they can truly transform our lives.

It's a scientific fact that all matter is energy,and that we are all inextricably linked. Yet each person has their own specific vibration. when we are ill, depressed or unhappy this vibration changes. Crystal energy however, is set in its formation, so its vibration does not alter. working with crystals,can help bring the body back in line, to its own healthy vibration.

Crystals have so many wonderful uses.  Apart from healing us physically and emotionally, these beautiful objects protect us from harm, remove negativity from our environment, encourage good luck, wealth and abundance, increasing fertility and more. In fact once you start seeing the benefits of crystals, you will wonder how you ever managed without them!

Browse our online store and see which crystal is right for you, all my crystals are high energy and charged and cleansed before being sent out.  If you are unsure which crystal you are in need of then why not have a personal crystal reading.  I will give you a crystal reading over the phone and help you pick the perfect one for you.

Love and Light,

Victoria x

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Crystal Balls is live! I am now over the moon to be able to sell my beautiful crystals online. It has been wonderful getting the website together, from taking photos of all my crystals to writing about each one. I hope you enjoy the website! x