Cleanse the crystal , under running water, visualizing any negativity being washed away. (please note, this method is not suitable for all crystals). Fill a bowl with salt water, and dip the crystals briefly. (again not suitable for all crystals). Smudge the crystals, with cleansing herbs like sage, this is extremely effective and suitable for all crystals. Waft incense over the crystals. Breath, simply take a deep breath, and exhale sharply over your crystal. Bury your crystal in the garden, to reconnect to Mother earth, leave for atleast 24 hours. (not suitable for all crystals).

Now that you have cleansed your Crystal, you are ready to charge it. Again there are several ways to do this. Bathe your crystals under the light of the full moon. (this method gives the crystal a lovely yin, energy. Think Goddess energy!) Putting them outside on a bright sunny day, gives them a strong, yang masculine energy. Storm energy is the most intense of all, think gale force winds, thunder and lightning. Strengthening your crystal with the sheer force of the elements.

Finally programming your Crystal.

We Can only program a clear quartz crystal, all other crystals automatically contain their own specific program, via their own vibrational makeup. So firstly imagine the crystal clearing itself of any previous program, and imagine it filled with a bright light, at the same time concentrating on the program of your choice. For example. " I desire this crystal to be an effective tool for manifestation, meditation, and for the greatest good of all. May it be used in light & love"

Now your crystal is ready to work with. Remember the more you hold and interact with your crystal ball, the more powerful it becomes.

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Your article is very informative and much appreciated on the count that I just acquired  some new family members in the form of Crystal balls and I  mean to take great care of them as best I can and your article is quite helpful, thanks!

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Sue McGarragh

Hi Victoria, lovely seeing you today. Just cleansed my ocean jasper and clear quartz.  Love them.

From Scouser Sue x

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Without you I would be nothing Thank You Phyllis Jackson Seer.

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