Citrine cluster

Said to increase Wealth and abundance to all who have this beautiful crystal . Citrine is also a great energizer raising the energy, creating a happy uplifting vibration.
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Petrified Wood Egg

Petrified wood is the name given to the fossilized remains of an ancient tree, having completely transitioned to stone (quartz), by the process of permineralization. Petro comes from the ancient greek word meaning wood turned to stone. It is a stone of transformation, grounding, making us feel safe and secure, giving us back our earth like connection. It is calming, instilling in us a survival based strength, literally and emotionally strengthening our back bone! It has a timeless energy, that creates balance and offers a foundation from which to launch our new path, a bit like the pheonix rising from the ashes to be the best that we can possibly be!

Orange Calcite

All calcite is a cleanser, and absorbs negative energy from the home. It is also a stone of motivation, and a great energizer. Known as the giggly stone, this uplifting crystal ball makes us feel happy and energized at the same time. A great crystal for anyone suffering from chronic fatigue, or ME. Also good in relieving the symptoms of iBS or constipation. SIZE APPROX 60-70mm