Labradorite Pebble

When purchasing your crystal ball, why not include a labradorite pebble, which can be carried around with you, or even placed in the car. This provides a psychic shield of protection around you at all times.
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Jasper is known as the aphrodisiac stone. When placed in the bedroom it prolongs sexual pleasure. It also absorbs negative energy in a room, including environmental pollution and radiation. Cleanses and aligns the chakras. Balancing yin and yang energies. It also aides clear thinking, transforming ideas into action. Also said to help smokers quit the habit. SIZE APPROX 60-70mm

Sheen Obsidian

A crystal ball of great power. Strongly protective and grounding. Absorbs negative energy from the environment. Helpful to highly sensitive people. It blocks psychic attacks, and balances energy fields. A stone for purging the past, bringing blockages and flaws to the surface, then gently releasing them. A particularly good ball for scrying with. SIZE APPROX 40-50mm

Lapiz Lazuli

Lapis, resonates with the third eye and throat chakras. To be used in meditation, and third eye development. Great for personal growth, and self awareness. It balances our yin and yang energies. Can also be useful in overcoming depression, insomnia, and problems connected to the eyes and ears. A stone loved by the ancient Egyptians. size approx 70mm