Chakra Sets

A chakra set consists of seven crystals, tailor made to suit your own unique vibration. Chosen personally by myself, I tune in to your specific energy to choose the right crystals for you. With over four thousand crystals, it's sometimes difficult for you to know which crystals to use. So I take the complication away, and simply devise a chakra set that is unique to you.

For example. I start with the crown chakra, if you have a blocked crown chakra i would recommend clear quartz to be placed on the crown.

Moving on to the third eye, if you wanted to increase psychic ability maybe a lapiz lazuli.

If there is a block on the throat chakra for example, someone not speaking up for themselves, i'd recommend blue lace agate. Continuing right down the chakras, to include the heart chakra, solar plexus, sacral and finally base chakra.

This kit can then be used by you in the comfort of your own home.  When used on a regular basis this kit clears and balances the chakras, removing any blocks so energy can flow freely.

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Chakra Sets


Crystal Ball reading

In need of some guidance? Need help making a decision, or simply torn between two crystals. Why not try a crystal ball reading to determine which crystal can assist you most. Pay online and I will arrange a convenient time to call you and give you a reading over the phone. Card readings also available on request.