Why choose my crystals?

why choose crystal balls crystals

I personally hand pick every one of the crystal balls that i sell. Several things are taken into account. This is what differentiates this site from all the others. Obviously the beauty of the crystal is one thing. But more importantly it is the high energy that radiates from each and every ball!

I have been working with and using crystals all my life. Coming from a long line of psychics and empaths. I understand how working with and using these truly beautiful objects can transform our lives.

Having done psychic readings for clients, and crystal therapy for many years now, i realized how the two go together hand in hand. More and more often after giving a reading, i was recommending a particular crystal ball for the client to work with, and the results where amazing. Time and time again, the reading would zone in on the problem, and the crystal would help with the solution.

So after looking at several crystal shops, and psychic lines i wanted to combine the two, so you the client have the correct tools at your disposal to create the life you dream of. On this site i'm not going to list every aspect of every crystal, its country of origin etc. You can get all that on any of the many crystal sites already out there. What i want to do is give you a list of the most useful crystal balls, and how you go about using them to create the truly magical life you've always wanted.

Here is an example of how readings and crystals work together:

In one reading i picked up on a client who for several years, had wanted to leave an unhappy relationship, and start her own business. But felt stuck and unable to move forward. I heard her plan, and encouraged her to buy a carnelian sphere, as this stone is one for business success for women, creativity, and importantly energy and drive to make things happen. I told her to hold and work with the crystals energy whilst focusing on her business plan and ideas. She did this, and with a combination of her hard work, and the crystals energy she is now living the life she'd always wanted, with her own successful business.